i am the child of the wasteland....a land of haunted houses and monsters i call father. dark talents run in the family, but i shatter the glass to let the moonlight in, not to destroy something fragile for the feeling of breaking beneath my fists. all i can do is scream, crawl out, and keep screaming. but i can hold the sparrow, mend its wing... i am the spring rain and the hurricane... the monsters cower now, not me, not you. *xn*


BILLBOARD MAGAZINE "Any band brave enough to tag it's first CD with the line "remember when listening to music felt dangerous" had better have the goods or prepare to be cracked by critics. Well, Acts Magdalena does - and then some…" Larry Flick

STARVOX "Bands like Acts Magdalena, who hail from New York City, remind me of the savage power of the human voice... Every review of Acts Magdalena speaks with awe, and not a little fear, of singer Christian Merry's u nique vocal style..." The Interview http://www.starvox.net/crypt/april3.htm The Starvox Review http://www.starvox.net/cdr/acts.htm

LEGENDS "The four of them create a hybrid sound of death metal and more-palatable goth rock, riding on the very fringe of heavy without crossing in to the boo-blargy thing that thrash-metal enthusiasts claim is music..." http://www.legen dsmagazine.net/97/magdelena.htm

ROCKBAND.com "No tour of the New York indie music scene would be complete with out ACTS MAGDALENA. Intensely original and amazingly interesting, this is a band to watch." http://www.rockband.com/ne ws/199912_actsmagdalena.asp

SPYDERBYTES "The densely swirling organ drones (actually peformed on bass) and guitar thrums.. provide a fo g through which Christian Merry's... sweet tones roughen as the tr ack builds... the angel has a dark side... until she's snarling as if channeling Beelzebub directly through her vocal chords..." http://www.spider bytes.com/ambientrance/0400ov.htm

HIDDEN SANCTUARY This female fronted band is among the NY underground elite. This current track (Wasteland) is a bit more se date than their usual work and is placed here as another showcase for theirmany talents. Lead vocalist Christian has been known to swoop and growl in an almost frightening fashion on the more rock tunes. This track lends the ability to demonstrate her more poetic and sensual side. http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/40/hidden_san ctuary_2.html}

Beautiful Christian: May your righteous shamanic fury destroy the nonsoul of evil lovelessness & abuse where it lurks psychically in the shadows of the human nightmare. I formally adore you, Avenging Angel of the Heart's Dominion!Peace~*~ http://www.mp3.com/peacewilson





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"Any band brave enough to tag it's first CD with the line "remember when listening to music felt dangerous"
had better have the goods or prepare to be cracked by critics.
Well, Acts Magdalena does - and then some…"
BILLBOARD MAGAZINE, Excerpt, Continental Drift., Larry Flick


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